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We recommend using Facebook so we can connect you with your existing friends. We will never post anything without your permission.

General guidelines

  • Children between the age group of 3 and 16 years can submit their art and writings but with the help of their parents.
  • Parents also can submit.
  • The posts can be of three kinds. Only art uploads or only write-ups or a mix or art upload and write-up.
  • Art uploads should be a photograph of what the child or the parent has created. These can be paintings, collage, craft, sculpture, wall art, digital art and sketches. The only criteria are that the art should be linked directly or indirectly to the environment. There should be a write-up by the parent or the child explaining the art. The write-up should not be more that 350 words.
  • Only write-ups can be poems which the child or the parent or both have written or a general post. Again, the underlying theme should be environment and use up all your creative juices. There is no word limit but beyond 1000 words some people might lose interest. What do you say?
  • Mix of art upload and write-up can have both a photograph upload as well as a write-up. Again within 1000 words if possible.
  • Parents are encouraged to use examples and anecdotes to clarify your points.
  • Offer fresh content that has not been published before. If the content has been published earlier please make sure that you are allowed to republish and please mention link where it has been published earlier.
  • Ensure that your post does not violate any copyright laws.
  • If your post does not follow the guidelines, you may not receive a response from us.

How to approach us (simply go to submit and you will know)

  • Tell us briefly within 150 words about yourself and your child emphasizing on his/her interests and hobbies.
  • Include the child’s age
  • State the title of your proposed post.
  • Upload the photograph of the art
  • Include 2 links to other posts from this blog in your write-up. Use it to supplement your post.
  • You are allowed maximum 2 links of your own blog within the post.
  • The main body of the post should not be longer than 1000 words.
  • The language should be simple. Children are allowed to make grammatical and spelling errors. We do not want to dampen their creativity.
  • Please use your own email id to upload your child’s post.
  • Once your post is published you are strongly encouraged to share it through fb, twitter or include it on your own blog

The process Once you have uploaded the post, please wait for a week to hear from us. Also attach any images that are part of the post. Please don’t be upset if we recommend some changes–we want your post to be appreciated. At times the post may be edited for greater clarity, grammar, punctuation etc.

Some suggestions

  • Have interesting author bio (about 150 words). You can link to your blog and a product of yours in our newsletter is offered free to our website readers. Please send us the links and we will add them. A sample author bio is: Preeti Sharma is a cook and blogs at, a blog about food. Grab her free eBook, Cooking is great.
  • Have a fantastic title.
  • Have an introduction that attracts interest. When a post is primarily an art upload, please explain in the accompanying write-up, the concept, thought and ideas behind it’s creation.
  • Use headings, subheadings, bold font for key sentences and bulleted lists so it is easy to read.
  • Have a conclusion.
  • Have a call to action for readers after the conclusion.
  • Be 800 – 1500 words long.
  • Have links in your write-up to at least 2 posts already published on our website.
  • Carefully edit and proofread your own post or the one you have written on your child’s behalf. Your child’s own writing is allowed errors.
  • Be prepared to respond to our suggestions in a timely manner over the next few days.

Thanks again for your interest and in sharing. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

Note: We retain the copyright of all material published on this website. You cannot republish your post elsewhere but you are free to share your post links through fb, twitter etc.; it must remain unique to us.

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