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Hello! I’m Papiya, the woman behind this art-environment-math blog. I am like any other normal person. Hyper active on some days, cooking, exercising hard, writing, photographing, painting and blogging. Super lazy on many more days, dreaming and smiling, convinced that I will work very hard tomorrow.I live in Pune, India, married to a stoically supportive man and have the cutest five and half year old daughter Arpita. She is the inspiration behind this site and the material for most of our contents.

To discover more about us look here and here.

If you haven’t been here before grab a cup of coffee and make yourself comfortable because Arpita and I am hoping you will stay here a while. I suggest you start here in the beginning and click our very first post. If you feel like exploring I would suggest you go to the gallery or portfolio sections. Only, I am yet to put up stuff there. Thank you so much for coming by. Next time we will paint together or plant a tree or solve a math problem.

And yes, if you want updates, we are using RSS feed. On the right side on any post you will see the link to email subscription. Do register by simply putting in your email id. Do register. I would hate it for you to fall off my grid. When we update our site I will also mostly push to instagram, facebook, twitter and pinterest.

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