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WE’ referred in this site are Arpita and her mother Papiya. Of course ‘we’ are part of a bigger tribe where Arpita’s dad is busy dabbling with business problems. Her bidu and dadu (grand parents from her mother’s side) have the sole role of doting on Arpita.

Arpita sorely misses her tham and dadu (grand parents from her father’s side) who lives happily with a much bigger family up in the sky. Tham’s best friend is Santa who visits Arpita every Christmas with gifts from her tham.

Arpita (as her mother knows her)

She is popular not because she is a cutie pie which she is, but because she is a very sensitive person. Nature and colours appeal to her and often comes together on blank walls (much to her dad’s chagrin), paper and canvas. She leaves a trail of hues after her master pieces end, which she is now learning to clean up. After all we all should clear our own mess. Arpita loves gifts in coloured packaging material and is yet to fully understand the concept of R-R-R. Blessings in disguise leaves her sad. She says “Why disguise”? “Just show me the real gift”.

Papiya (as her mother knows her)

She has various interests and loves to experiment, but Arpita is her top priority. She always had a passion for the environment, painting and cooking and I think she is secretly very happy to team up with her daughter on this site. “Wait till she is a teenager and asserts her independence” are my cautioning words to Papiya. “By that time I would have influenced her for the better”, is her rationale.

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