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Calvin and Hobbes

A bugs life

We inhabit the earth for a finite period, filling our time with things that we do. This we call work. Our work is what we perceive is important to us and to others. Some of the these things that we do gives us immense joy and happiness. It makes us feel productive in life.   The other things that we do is because we feel obligated or necessary to do. Basically this just kills time. Time on this planet which is finite and hence precious.

Like most of us, I never liked thinking about death. But once I started thinking, I realized this finality of life does have many advantages. For instance it made me to focus on things I would like to do and not do in my life. This blog was one of those things which I yearned to accomplish.

It is not just ‘a blog’. It is a space where Arpita and I both try to better ourselves, together expand our horizon, learn and share new things and attempt to understand the big picture in life.

Our Manifesto

Premises on which this blog is built is our manifesto.

Our beliefs

Why art, environment and math?

Discrete and detailed these may be as subjects but in the bigger frame of things they are beautifully interconnected. As of now these three subjects are common areas of interest for both my daughter and me. Hence this blog around them.

Not knowing is a great place to start

I am no expert on any of these subjects. But I figured not knowing is a great place to start from. Naturally this fuels a lot of thinking, learning and trying to understand on my part. This blog provides me a scope to document my web-searched, researched materials for easy referencing for my child. It fills our time with something constructive, which we can then quickly share with our friends, many of whom may be hard pressed for time.

No reinventing the wheel

On things that have been already discussed elsewhere by someone else, why reinvent the wheel? Here I reference websites, you-tube videos, other blog posts, photographs etc. any thing that is pertinent to my post. In most cases there is a perspective and a context. Where there are none, assume I did not have the time to build one. Feel free to help me in those posts. It will be updated with due credit.

Beauty in interconnections

One thing that I understood and hence want to pass on to my child is that while details are important, it is vital to step back once in a while, understand the interconnections between various things and get the big picture. At the cost of sounding cliched, the world is an interconnected mesh and there is much beauty in those subtle and obvious interconnections. Understanding those interconnections makes us wiser and more mature as individuals. Hence my posts will highlight those interconnections as often as I understand them myself.

Monkey see monkey do

It is but known that we do have a profound impact on others, just as others have on us, well captured in the catch phrase, “what goes around comes around”. For me what came around by way of insights and information has to go around too.  Also, the things that we teach our children, is carried throughout life and our legacy is passed on. Hoping that my little monkey will see my hard work, discipline and “can do” spirit and emulate those in her life to have a fulfilling existence.

All these sounds interesting? We are so happy. Please stop by, suggest and comment and spread the word. Subscribe to our enewsletterthrough email. For regular updates subscribe to our RSS feed.

Presently, I am the editor of the site and it’s contents are mine.  If you see opinions expressed in comment section or when there are posts with links to videos, audios, photograph or content of other authors please understand that those views are individual. The blog does not necessarily subscribe to them. Arpitapal is not responsible for any of the views expressed by contributors which are in their personal capacity.

All rights are reserved. Reproduction in part or whole without permission of the Editor is prohibited. Hopefully there will be no disputes. In case there are any, all disputes are subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of competent courts and forums in Pune, India only.

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