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Creating your own GIF in an easy way

I would see these funny GIFs on my facebook timeline and wonder ever so often how these are made.

GIF landing page

Finally figured out this easy way to create GIF files.

  1. Go to http://gifcreator.me/ and as directed upload images from your computer.
  2. There is an option to resize your GIF, change the speed and order of the frames.
  3. Next is to create and download your GIF animation into the folder of your choice.

In order to share it on your own wordpress site you would require WP GIF Player plugin to be installed.

For sharing on facebook having a tumbler accounts definitely helped.

  1. Upload the GIF file under photos in tumbler
  2. Right click and copy image address and share in facebook by pasting the link in a fresh post.

Finally this is not the only way.


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