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The bleeding eyes of mother earth

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Arpita was being taught eyes and its intriguing parts in school. While discussing the same we digressed and talked about how trees all around were rampantly cut. This I explained would increase carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and was one of the key reasons for climate change. Her impressionable mind construed the above image. She imagined earth as the supreme mother and drew an eye. The eye is bleeding she tells me, as earth is sad that her trees are being chopped down. But what I found fantastic in this image was the window of hope. The raining tears from mothers’ eyes has nurtured fresh green leaves. The cycle of life continues.

Eyes Poem: sense of sight

I need my eyes,
So I can see,
I don’t have 5,
Or 1,
Or 3…
Just 2 eyes,
On my face,
It seems to be,
A common place,
For eyes to sit,
On animals,
From frogs, to fish,
From bears, to gulls…
2 eyes,
1 face,
That’s a match,
But really here’s,
A little catch…
Spiders see,
With 8 bug-eyes,
And here’s another,
Eye surprise,
Scallops have,
Most of all,
More than 50,
Must see all!
I’ll stick with 2,
They let me see,
My 2 eyes,
Are good for me…

Source: http://sciencepoems.net/sciencepoems/eyes.aspx#.V3k4L_l96M9

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