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Feb 7 2016

Cling film texture on water color wash

Arpita, was so motivated with all the likes she got for her resist abstract painting on canvas that it was very easy to teach her cling film texture on handmade paper using water color wash.




The fun of using water colors is that we can achieve some great results using simple experiments. By allowing the child to mix the colors and making the horizontal washes, I intended to teach her through practice, how the color interacts with the paper. After the cling film is used allow the paint to dry a bit. Then when you remove the film leaves behind some very beautiful patterns. We used water color and hand made paper for this effect.

Materials used

  • White hand made paper, though any white paper will do
  • Water color Paint
  • Size 12 brush and
  • Plastic cling wrap



  1. Wet the canvas.
  2. Then using the brush, paint horizontally onto the paper using several different colors or just randomly apply paint.
  3. Gently place a sheet of plastic cling wrap over the paint making sure that the cling wrap covers the entire colored surface.
  4. Use your both hands to put the cling wrap over the paper, rustle it up randomly, then carefully peel it off once semi dry.
  5. Allow the painting to dry.

To see more abstracts you might want to check abstract portfolio.

The video I used to teach her this technique





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