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Feb 6 2016

Resist abstract painting using masking tape

Resist painting is what Arpita tried today and that too on a 2.5 ft by 1.8 ft big canvas. I appreciate both the result as well as the fact that she persevered for close to three hours.

I assisted her with the choice of paints as I wanted the canvas to match the curtains in one of the bed rooms.


What is resist abstract painting?

A resist in painting is when one material is used to resist another and create abstract designs or shapes. Here the masking tape resists the paint and creates interesting abstract shapes once the tapes are removed. This style of painting gives you very many possibilities. We will be explorig some later Earlier, Arpita used hand made paper and water colors and made a painting. The effect was cool.


What paint was used?

Arpita used Acrylic paints; golden, pink and light pink. Yes, you guessed it right. Pink was created by mixing white and red. The light pink was when there was more white than red.

Lesson learnt the hard way

Once you put the tape in place do rub it so that it sticks really well. If not stuck tightly, the paint will seep under the tape and mar the effect. This happened to Arpita’s painting in places.

Once you remove the tape, make a ball out of the tape. This was totally Arpita’s idea and she named it the sticky ball. She made a pen stand  out of the sticky ball. It is a pretty cool idea. (On a lighter note, should I get a patent or something for it?)


Resist painting on the wall




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