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Feb 1 2016

Doodle Art- Milieu of flowers and leaves

Doodle, is usually drawing outcomes when a person is distracted. But this doodle took two hours of my undivided attention. I used sketch pens and pencil colors on a white sketch pad. Though it might appear abstract shapes as all doodles should, but it celebrates the interconnected nature of everything around starting from our social fabric, to the environment, our universe as we know it and beyond.

Just to give you a sense of how long this entire post took and the kind of work which went in the back ground… I took photographs for all the stages on my iphone 6, cropped it on the phone itself and transferred it to my laptop. This process, along with this little write-up, some research on doodles and its origin (for my personal enlightenment) took another three hours. So yes, even the most simple looking posts, take around that long. For the post on complementary numbers and complementary-colors I spent more time researching and thinking than on actually putting it down. And well, that one took me 2 woman days of work.

Having said that, please doodle. It will make you happy and the results will always be good.

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