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Solar energy and solar powered toys

Since Arpita knows that sun gives us energy, I asked her “why do you feel tired when you are out in the sun?” This I thought would be a tricky question, but her answer did not leave me disappointed. “Ma, we are not plants and cannot make food”, is what she said.

Solar energy

I know she understood and this is what she meant to explain.

The sun gives off energy which is known as solar energy. However, the solar energy is in the form of electromagnetic radiation. Our body does not run on this form of energy. Our body runs on chemical energy. We derive our energy from breaking down of chemicals. The sun gives us energy indirectly.  For plants to grow and germinate the sun’s energy is absolutely necessary. We get our energy from eating plants directly or from fruits and vegetables. Other things that we eat like fish, chicken, mutton etc. in turn are dependent on plants for their food. So ultimately we get our chemical energy from plants who make their food using sun’s energy. So without the sun all life will cease on earth.

We feel tired under the sun as it dehydrates us. Because of the heat we lose water (and other things) from out body and that makes us feel weak. So mummies will always advice you to not stay out in the sun for too long.

The suns energy can be used to make easy toys. I intend to help Arpita make the toy demonstrated in the video.

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