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12 steps to make your own blog in wordpress

Website or blog developing is not an easy task. It does not happen overnight. Much like a baby it needs to be nurtured and nourished.

One thing I realized when I started was that it was impossible to comprehend every requirement for the blog. It evolved over time. Since I wanted to manage the blog I needed to have a fair understanding of the technical aspects for example etc. etc. I did not even know the defining words for what all I wanted to do for and in the blog. It all seemed  that complex. Googling threw light on responsive designs, browser compatibility, SEO and social media etc. The more I read, the more I understood. Any term I did not understand I googled. One thing lead to another to another and yet another.  Finally I was in a position to at least identify the tasks that needed to be done in order to have the blog ready and functioning.

Following are my identified essential task list for this blog. I am listing them so as to help make your life easy when you decide to take the plunge in the blog ocean.

1. Deciding on what the blog would be about

2. Coming up with a blog domain name

3. Purchasing the domain name and a hosting place

4. Installing word press

5. Choosing a suitable theme

6. Designing the blog

7. Regular Posting and updating

8. Integrating email

9. Integrating Newsletter

10. Sharing and popularizing the blog

11. Site engine optimization

12. Analytic for the blog use

I hope you are feeling encouraged. So as not to overwhelm you I am not going to cramp more information in this post. Rather, I will detail out each task in my subsequent posts and how I achieved each of these tasks.







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