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First step for making your blog

Listing down 

Way before I started creating this website/blog, I was clear on some things and unsure of many more. So I started by noting down things that I was absolutely certain about.

1. Blog or website

I did a lot of research on difference between blog and website and what was appropriate for me. Since I would be generating fresh content every day under various categories, blog seemed more suited to the purpose. With the right plugins I could do so much. So the choice was made. I was certain about making a blog.

The following websites/blogs helped

2. WordPress or blogger

Next I explored the two common blog platforms- wordpress and blogger. Both had their fair share of advantages and disadvantages. However, at this stage I was more comfortable using an opensource software and experimenting with it. I banked on wordpress’s strong community support system rather than go ahead with tech titan google. Since you still find me on wordpress means I am satisfied.

Of use to me were these:

3. It had to be an interactive blog

By interactivity, I wanted to introduce a fair amount of audio or video media, sliding galleries, or portfolios. This I thought would help in adding a delightful layer of engagement with the user. I wanted to make these engagements sometimes subtle and sometimes bold and hence I needed these tools.These were absolutely necessary elements for me to tell stories to Arpita and help trigger in her an emotional or logical response to the issue or topic.

4. The technolog for the blog had to be simpl and easy for me to create and operate

I always had a very steep learning curve meaning I learn things with great difficulty and it takes me really long. Nothing to be proud of. But knowing my challenges allows me to set moderate to low expectations of myself. This saves me a lot of disappointment. Hence whatever I would do, has to be simple, easy to create and operate. Researching I figured was important. It is time consuming but for technologically challenged people like me there can be no short cuts.

5. Zeroing in

From a wide gamut of topics that I wanted to rant about zeroing in on our (Arpita and myself) key areas of interest was an arduous task. But once I decided that it would be exploring art, environment, mathematics and it’s interconnections I felt so much more focused. In due time the blog might change its course and that is ok. But for the time being I needed a starting point and I had zeroed in.

Merely making an exhaustive list of things I was certain about, was just the very start. There are so many baby steps that needs to be taken. Scrupulously documenting all the work that went into the process of making this blog might make things easier for the fence sitters daunted to take the leap into the blog world.

Moving ahead

Once I made made the above list it was time to make baby steps towards actually making the blog. Things looked upward from this point on.

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