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Water cycle and climate change

Most afternoons with Arpita are reserved for random conversations. This is purely “our” tell each other silly jokes and enjoy ourselves time.  During this time I try not to surreptitiously slip in “education”. However, yesterday it was too hard to resist not teaching her when she innocuously asked me whether water can cycle like she can. Since her teacher told her that, obviously water could, and she was not doubting the teacher.That would be a sacrilege. Only she could not imagine how.

Suppressing my laughter, I tried to recreate a mini water cycle experiment at home following this video.

Water cycle and climate change

I explained to Arpita how our Earth is getting warmer. Our climate is changing. It is becoming warmer because of the man made pollution. When it gets hotter, water evaporates faster into the atmosphere. Clouds will form and be drifted by winds causing excessive rainfall in some areas. Since because of the increase  in heat, dry areas will become more dry possibly become deserts (extreme situation, but this attracts her attention). “Deserts where camels live and where there are cactus. Wasn’t there a Tintin story”? I realize she is referring to The crab with the golden claws, the ninth volume of The adventures with Tintin. Keen to sum up I continue that winters are becoming more and more like summers. So there is less snow and more rain. Rivers in the mountains will have more water to carry causing floods in many places.

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