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5 easy steps for creating a logo for your website


Once I registered our domain name, installed wordpress, bought the desired theme and hosted the site, I realized that there were many more important things to do. For instance we need a logo.  My google search led me to an tech blog shout me loud, where they had an interesting post on seven awesome websites to create a free logo. Naive as this may sound, this post gave me an idea that free logos are available and can be used easily when designing a website from scratch.In this post I will describe to you, how I made the logo for this site.

logoThis post is not for people who are seeking color coordinated, planned and thought out logos to be used for branding. But  it is particularly useful for amateurs who are trying to figure out things for themselves in the most simple way.

Arpita and I had done a few leaf prints where we collected various leaves and used the real leaves to make interesting leaf prints on paper. How to do leaf prints is outlined  in detail in first palette. We used acrylic paints and the final outcome was fantastic. I decided to use one of those prints as our logo. To know about our blog from the very start you might want to read why we started our blog.

These are the following 5 steps in which the logo was created.

1. I used iphone 6 camera for clicking a photo of the leaf print after placing the print on the floor and keeping the camera exactly parallel while ensuring that the leaf was within my photo frame.

2. Next I cropped and saved the photo.

3. Since I wanted  to add a text on the photograph, I did a search for apps  for adding text to photographs  . Phonto featured as a simple free app that gives ample opportunities to introduce text into images. I promptly downloaded the app on my mobile.

4. Next I opened the photograph of the leaf print of my choice on the phonto app, dressed it up with the text (in this case I used ARPITA) and saved the image.

5. The rest was easy. I uploaded the image for the logo in my colorface theme using the wordpress dashboard.

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