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About us

The blog of Arpita Pal and Papiya Pal. Explorations on art, environment and mathematics. Awed by, the quintessential beauty and strangeness in their interconnections.

I do not believe in reinventing the wheel. So in this blog you will see me generously borrowing from all that is freely available, of course with due credit. Many a times I actually direct you to the main source. Wherever, I have missed it is inadvertent and I am ready to rectify instantly. 

Hi! I am Papiya and I am mostly all over this blog place. Arpita, my daughter is the reason for the birth of this blog along with my husband Anjan. While they are a large part of my life, I am passionate about many other things. To name a few art, environment, dance, cooking and yoga (the list is not exhaustive) excites me no end. It is fun that Arpita shares many of my interests and is my inspiration for this blog which I am still figuring out.

Up until I started this blog, I had no clue about the many technicalities that was involved. I keep surprising my non technical self as I discover and learn the nitty gritties  of SEO, plug-ins, facebook group and page, twitter, tumblr and so many more. If you follow my making this blog category, I have started a series on the technical aspects of how I made this blog. If I can do it, anybody can.

If you’d like to do something small to help us and also benefit yourself, sign up for a Dropbox account here. The Dropbox software syncs your files online and also across your computers. The best part is by signing up you get a 2GB free account. When you sign up through the link I am providing, I also get a little bit of extra space for referring you. This way I do not have to buy any extra space. It’s fantastic as it helps me to share files across computers any time and any place.

Your feedback in the form comments, subcribing to our Enewsletter, RSS feed, or sharing are all ways for us to be encouraged and measure our efforts.

To know more click here about us.

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