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Why and how I started blogging

Why and how I started blogging

May be adequate but definitely not enough

The last few years for me, flew by, like a kite in the wind. Drifting with the flow I did the needful for myself and my family, which might be adequate but was definitely not enough for my personal growth. It seemed while the whole world was on the path of self-actualization I was the lone wolf comfortable and satisfactorily self-actualized. I should be contended as I have every reason to be. But was I? Quote on starting 1We had just started living in our new flat which I had painstakingly done up conforming to my dreams about “my nest”.  I kept telling myself that I was very happy, because that is what I wanted to hear. The truth however was so far away. After all self-actualization is a process and I could not have peaked so soon. I was not happy. I wanted to do more. Surely there was time for that. Only ‘my time’ needed to be managed better. Firstly, I needed to find ‘my time’. Else all my personal aspirations will forever remain unfulfilled. There would be nobody to blame for that but myself. Even if I did find someone to blame what use would that be?

Setting a goal – the most difficult part

Step 1 Assessing ourselves

After discussing with friends and assessing myself and Arpita (my daughter), I prepared this list.

  1. Creative things excite us.
  2. Arpita has unconcealed love for nature and everything related to art.
  3. I am very much attached to issues related to the environment and also love art and all things arty.
  4. I want to do something creative and engaging with my daughter.
  5. I am open to learning new things rather than honing old skills.
  6. For her age, Arpita draws, colors and paints wonderfully and I do not want to lose her art works.
  7. I write and paint reasonably well.
  8. Math excites Arpita and I want to make the subject as real as I can for her.
  9. Arpita is a patient child. She has beautiful ideas and I am willing to listen to her and open doors for her to explore. I am not a ‘tiger mom’.
  10. I want to teach her and understand myself the benefits of perseverance.
  11. Arpita is hard working and I am trying to better myself.

Step 2 Finding our common intersection of interest – broad definition of my goal

Once this list was done it was actually quite simple to pinpoint our common intersection of interests. As of now, this boiled down to art, math and environment/nature. Like everything is with everything else in the Universe, art, mathematics and environment is interconnected in myriad ways than meets the eye. These inter-linkages are what I would hope to discover with Arpita and share our experiences.

Finally I set a new goal for us: to develop a blog which documents our understanding of art, math, environment and its interconnectedness and to try and make it compelling and beautiful.

Actually starting

quote on starting 3I started because I could not give myself any good reason why not to. In order to actually start this is what was necessary for me to do. Learn about:

  • the technicalities of developing a blog (refer to how to create a wordpress website, registration of domain name and hosting and creating your logo)
  • the influence of social media in blogs
  • photography and photograph related apps.
  • making videos and editing the same.
  • search engine optimization (SEO) and how to effectively use it for blogs

Google was my best help. Of course there were books and online courses. A hands-on approach helped. Diving in, I started to slowly figure out what works and what does not. The process continues.

Being slow is good

Quote on starting 1Once started I keep reminding myself that no matter how slow, I am going to enjoy every bit of this journey with Arpita. I will not burden myself with deadlines on posts. Neither will I goad Arpita to create something especially for the blog. We will make this blog enriching for ourselves and those who stop by.

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